Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sony World Photography Awards Open competition.

Получил на днях письмо от Sony World Photography Awards 2011:

"In total, 51,878 images were entered, by over 17,500 photographers from 162 countries. Your work has stood out above the rest and has been rated amongst the top ten photographers, in your category, by the Honorary Judging Committee of this year's Awards. This is a huge achievement - congratulations."

В общем, я вошел в десятку лучших фотографов мира по версии Sony World Photography 

Category "Action"
Robert Günthe (Germany)
Chan Kwok Hung (Hong Kong) (two entries)
James Kydd (South Africa)
Federico Modica (Italy)
Anton Mukhametchin (Russian Federation)
Stanislaw Pytel (Poland)
Huu Tri Tran (France)
Alex Goh Chun Seong (Malaysia)
Lee Sie (United States)

Победитель определится в марте...